Handepay Relocate to New Office Building

Redevelopment of existing office building – 14,000 sq feet

Handepay are providers of merchant and financial services to the merchant industry. Formed in 2002, they have built a reputation for innovation, flexibility and responsiveness. DS Group were introduced to them through a referral from one of our supply chain relationships with whom we have worked with on several projects. (We feel a great sense of achievement in getting a referral, as it validates DS Group as a trusted partner to work with)

Located in Haydock, Lancashire, the client had outgrown their existing space and wanted a usable space that was more appropriate to the growth and aspirations of their business. They found a unit that was suitable; 14,000 sq feet of existing office space set out over three separate office units, located only 1 mile away from their existing premises. The building had been unoccupied for some time, but the premises remained in a very good condition with high end product specification within the building.

For us it was a blank canvas and gave us scope to utilise our experience in practical space planning. It was decided by the client to knock-though the three separate units to make one single unit. The space was fundamentally to be used as an open plan office environment, incorporating private offices, a staff welfare area, kitchens, boardroom, meeting rooms, director’s offices, reception area, IT server room, and a flexible space for training.

As we were providing a full turn-key service, our approach was to work collaboratively with the client on suggestions for efficient space planning, using the features of the building to its best advantage. Our experience in ensuring that the space works well for a client is at the core of our offering and this was the same at Merchant Rentals. Our contact had already formed his ideas on where he wanted certain areas and we added practical knowledge to his requirements.

Our scope of works included electrical, heating and plumbing, specialist partitioning installers, kitchen installers, flooring contractors, joiners, interior glazing and blinds and decorators. We had specialist contractors on site who installed an operable wall in the training room, as well as contractors who cut through the buildings to make one usable space.

Once work had started there were many changes to the original plans, with additions to partition layout, new offices and changes from solid partitioning to the addition of glazing. We often find that as the design changes from a drawing to a physical product, things change and we were more than happy to work with the client on this.

The work took just under 8 weeks to complete and subsequent conversations with the client have said they definitely would recommend DS Group, which as stated, is the best endorsement anyone can make.